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Skyartec Mini Cessna 2.4GHz 3G3X Brushless RC Airplane Mnce3x-01 RTF

ISO9001/9002 certifications
Model: RCAI018

Price: £112.00

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Product Description:

Mini Cessna 2.4GHz Brushless RTF(3G3X Version) is a totally new experience in all-out flight capability and satisfaction from an amazing aircraft that doesn¡¯t need any more space than a small park,yard or indoor gym to be enjoyed. With the 3G3X System, the powerful function this MINI CESSNA is specifically set with an aft CG and large control surface deflections for maximum maneuverability. However, instead of super-sensitive controlling, the MINI CESSNA, with the 3G3X System, flies unbelievable smooth, even in conditions considered windy.
Furthermore, you can perform stable flight confidently with the locked-in precision and the outstanding control authority.It is so simple to spend you just little time to programming.
The 3G3X System for airplanes is an exclusive electronic and setup enhancement that makes you experience super-smooth flight,yet still have full control authority for any flight movements you want to perform. The advantages of 3G3X to the RC pilot is a dream come true.
An industry-first, 3G3X technology in MINI CESSNA is exciting because it helps the pilot focus more on the thrill of being the pilot of an expertly tuned airplane, than work load required to stay in smooth control.


Length: 375mm
Wingspan: 550mm
Height: 100mm
Takeoff weight: 120g
Motor: BL1822 8000KV brushless outrunner motor
Servo: 2 x 3.7g servo
Airplane Battery: Li-po 3.7V 600mAh
ESC: 12A Brushless ESC
Transmitter: SKY-G02 LCD Transmitter (Updated Version)
Propeller: Efficient GWS 4530 propeller
3G3X System for outstanding precision and stable flight .
AP301 3-AXIS GYRO system

Standard Configuration:

3G3X flight-stabilizaion system for outstanding precision and fight
4-Channel 3G3X Rx/Bl/ESC unit with Spektrum technology
Performance Linear Long Throw Servos
High-output BL1822 8000KV brushless outrunner motor
Efficient GWS 4530 propeller
3G3X Features:

Before 3G3X, stability and agility were limited to a narrow control range,any attempt to gain more stability meant a sacrifice of agility or vice versa.
With 3G3X, there is no compromise. You can have attractive more control and unexpected more stability and agility.
3G3X equipped in aircraft will change the way you'll want to fly now and in the future.
Every airplane equipped with the 3G3X System is elaborately adjusted,you just enjoy the locked-in feel and control authority that will help show off your professional RC pilot skills.

Package Include :

1 x Mini Cessna Kit
1 x AP301 3-Axis Gyro
1 x BL1822 8000KV Motor
1 x 3.7g Servo
1 x Spare Propeller
1 x 3.7V 600mAh Li-po
1 x 12A BL ESC
1 x USB Charger Cable
1 x Srew Package
1 x Srew Driver
1 x Glue
1 x CD

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