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Replacement Laptop Battery for ACER 5220, Aspire 35, 5300, 5910G, 5715, 5730, 5739, 5739G-6132, 5739G-6959, 5935, 72, 7535, 7735, 7735Z, 7738, 7740, Extensa 7230, Extensa 7630, TravelMate 7330, ACER Aspire 5230, 5235, 5310, 5315, 5520, 5520G, 5710, 5715Z, 5720, 5330, 5530, 5530G, 5535, 5730Z, 5730ZG, 5735, 5735Z, 5920, 5920G, 5930, 5930G, 6530, 5942, 6530G, 6920, 6920G, 6930, 6930G, 6935, 6935G, 7220, 7230, 7330, 7520, 7520G, 7530, 7530G, 7720, 7720G, 7720Z, 7730, 7730G, 7730Z, 7730ZG, 8730, 8730G, 8730Z, 8730ZG, 8930, 8930G Series, TravelMate 7230, 7530, 7530G, 7730, 7730G Series, Extensa 7630G Series

ISO9001/9002 certifications
Model: NBAC065
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.80V
Capacity: 4800mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 204.80 x 68.27 x 20.00 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!
Weight: 331.95g


1. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.
2. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

Price: £30.68

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This replacement ACER Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

AS07B31, AS07B41, AS07B51, AS07B61, AS07B71, LC.BTP00.008, LC.BTP00.014

This replacement ACER Laptop Battery can replace the following models:

    Acer 5220,
    Acer Aspire 35,
    Acer Aspire 5300,
    Acer Aspire 5910G,
    Acer Aspire 5715,
    Acer Aspire 5730,
    Acer Aspire 5739,
    Acer Aspire 5739G-6132,
    Acer Aspire 5739G-6959,
    Acer Aspire 5935,
    Acer Aspire 72,
    Acer Aspire 7735,
    Acer Aspire 7736G,
    Acer Aspire 7535,
    Acer Aspire 7735Z,
    Acer Aspire 7738,
    Acer Aspire 7740,
    Acer Extensa 7230,
    Acer Extensa 7630,
    Acer TravelMate 7330

    Acer Aspire 6530 Series,
    Acer Aspire 7220 Series,
    Acer Aspire 7730 Series,
    Acer Aspire 7730G Series

    Acer Aspire 5520 Series
        Aspire 5520, Aspire 5520-5A2G16, Aspire 5520-6A2G12Mi,
        Aspire 5520-7A1G16, Aspire 5520-7A1G16F, Aspire 5520-T38P12,
        Aspire 5520-T38P8, Aspire 5520-T38P8F, Aspire 5520-TX58P12,
        Aspire 5520-TX58P16

    Acer Aspire 5520G Series
        Aspire 5520G, Aspire 5520G-402G25Mi, Aspire 5520G-602G16,
        Aspire 5520G-602G16F

    Acer Aspire 5230 Series
        Aspire 5230
    Acer Aspire 5235 Series
        Aspire 5235

    Acer Aspire 5310 Series
        Aspire 5310

    Acer Aspire 5315 Series
        Aspire 5315

    Acer Aspire 5330 Series
        Aspire 5330

    Acer Aspire 5530 Series
        Aspire 5530, Aspire 5530-U6F

    Acer Aspire 5530G Series
        Aspire 5530G

    Acer Aspire 5535 Series
        Aspire 5535, Aspire 5535-S6

    Acer Aspire 5710 Series
        Aspire 5710, Aspire 5710G, Aspire 5710Z,
        Aspire 5710ZG

    Acer Aspire 5715Z Series
        Aspire 5715Z

    Acer Aspire 5720 Series
        Aspire 5720, Aspire 5720G

    Acer Aspire 5730Z Series
        Aspire 5730Z

    Acer Aspire 5730ZG Series
        Aspire 5730ZG

    Acer Aspire 5735 Series
        Aspire 5735

    Acer Aspire 5735Z Series
        Aspire 5735Z

    Acer Aspire 5920 Series
        Aspire 5920, Aspire 5920-1A2G16Mi,
        Aspire 5920-302G12Mi, Aspire 5920-302G16MN,
        Aspire 5920-3A2G16Mi, Aspire 5920-6582,
        Aspire 5920-6661

    Acer Aspire 5920G Series
        Aspire 5920G, Aspire 5920G-102G16, Aspire 5920G-302G16MN,
        Aspire 5920G-302G20H, Aspire 5920G-302G20N, Aspire 5920G-302G25,
        Aspire 5920G-302G25Hi, Aspire 5920G-302G25Hn, Aspire 5920G-302G25Mn,
        Aspire 5920G-3A2G25Mn, Aspire 5920G-601G16, Aspire 5920G-601G16F,
        Aspire 5920G-602G16, Aspire 5920G-602G16F, Aspire 5920G-602G16Mn,
        Aspire 5920G-602G20HN, Aspire 5920G-602G25Mn, Aspire 5920G-702G25Hn,
        Aspire 5920G-932G25, Aspire 5920G-932G25F

    Acer Aspire 5930 Series
        Aspire 5930

    Acer Aspire 5930G Series
        Aspire 5930G

    Acer Aspire 5942 Series
        Aspire 5942, Aspire 5942G, Aspire 5942G-724G64Bn,
        Aspire 5942G-724G64Mn

    Acer Aspire 6530G Series
        Aspire 6530, Aspire 6530G, Aspire 6530G-802G32Mn

    Acer Aspire 6920 Series
        Aspire 6920, Aspire 6920-602G16, Aspire 6920-602G16F,
        Aspire 6920-6422, Aspire 6920-6428, Aspire 6920-6610,
        Aspire 6920-6621, Aspire 6920-6731, Aspire 6920-6864,
        Aspire 6920-812G25, Aspire 6920-812G25F, Aspire 6920-832G32,
        Aspire 6920-832G32F

    Acer Aspire 6920G Series
        Aspire 6920G, Aspire 6920G-6A4G25Mn, Aspire 6920G-814G32Bn,
        Aspire 6920G-832G25Bn, Aspire 6920G-834G32Bn, Aspire 6920G-934G32Bn

    Acer Aspire 6930 Series
        Aspire 6930, Aspire 6930-6067, Aspire 6930-6073,
        Aspire 6930-6082, Aspire 6930-6154, Aspire 6930-6262,
        Aspire 6930-6455, Aspire 6930-6560, Aspire 6930-6586,
        Aspire 6930-6723, Aspire 6930-6771, Aspire 6930-6809,
        Aspire 6930-6940, Aspire 6930-6941, Aspire 6930-6942

    Acer Aspire 6930G Series
        Aspire 6930G, Aspire 6930G-583G25Bn,
        Aspire 6930G-583G25Mn, Aspire 6930G-643G25Mn,
        Aspire 6930G-733G25Mn, Aspire 6930G-944G64Mn,
        Aspire 6930G-B32, Aspire 6930G-B32F,
        Aspire 6930G-BC32, Aspire 6930G-BC32F

    Acer Aspire 6935 Series
        Aspire 6935-6194

    Acer Aspire 6935G Series
        Aspire 6935G, Aspire 6935G-644G25Bn, Aspire 6935G-644G32Bn,
        Aspire 6935G-644G50Mn, Aspire 6935G-734G32Bn, Aspire 6935G-844G32Bn,
        Aspire 6935G-944G32Bn

    Acer Aspire 7230 Series
        Aspire 7230

    Acer Aspire 7330 Series
        Aspire 7330

    Acer Aspire 7520 series
       Aspire 7520, Aspire 7520-5115, Aspire 7520-5618,
        Aspire 7520-5823, Aspire 7520-6A1G08Mi

    Acer Aspire 7520G Series
        Aspire 7520G, Aspire 7520G-502G25Mi, Aspire 7520G-502G32Mi

    Acer Aspire 7530 Series
        Aspire 7530

    Acer Aspire 7530G Series
        Aspire 7530G

    Acer Aspire 7720 Series
        Aspire 7720, Aspire 7720-1A2G16Mi,
        Aspire 7720-3A2G12Mi

    Acer Aspire 7720G Series
        Aspire 7720G, Aspire 7720G-1A2G16Mi, Aspire 7720G-1A2G24Mi,
        Aspire 7720G-302G25Mi, Aspire 7720G-302G25Mn, Aspire 7720G-302G32Hi,
        Aspire 7720G-3A2G32Mi, Aspire 7720G-5A2G16Mi, Aspire 7720G-602G50Mn,
        Aspire 7720G-603G50Hn, Aspire 7720G-702G50Hn

    Acer Aspire 7720Z Series
        Aspire 7720Z-1A2G16Mi, Aspire 7720ZG-3A1G16Mi

    Acer Aspire 7730Z Series
        Aspire 7730Z

    Acer Aspire 7730ZG Series
        Aspire 7730ZG

Acer Aspire 7736Z Series

    Acer Aspire 8730 Series
        Aspire 8730, Aspire 8730-6314, Aspire 8730-6550,
        Aspire 8730-6918, Aspire 8730-6951

    Acer Aspire 8730G Series
        Aspire 8730G, Aspire 8730G-6042, Aspire 8730G-6681

    Acer Aspire 8730Z Series
        Aspire 8730Z

    Acer Aspire 8730ZG Series
        Aspire 8730ZG, Aspire 8730ZG-344G32Mn

    Acer Aspire 8930 Series
        Aspire 8930

    Acer Aspire 8930G Series
        Aspire 8930G, Aspire 8930G-584G32Bn, Aspire 8930G-734G32Bn,
        Aspire 8930G-844G32Bn, Aspire 8930G-864G32Bn, Aspire 8930G-864G64Bn,
        Aspire 8930G-944G64Bn, Aspire 8930G-B48, Aspire 8930G-B48F

    Acer Extensa 7630G Series
        Extensa 7630G

    Acer TravelMate 7230 Series
        TravelMate 7230

    Acer TravelMate 7530 Series
        TravelMate 7530

    Acer TravelMate 7530G Series
        TravelMate 7530G

    Acer TravelMate 7730 Series
        TravelMate 7730

    Acer TravelMate 7730G Series
        TravelMate 7730G

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