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Replacement for Acer AC14B13J 10.8 or 11.4V 3400mAh Laptop Battery

ISO9001/9002 certifications
Model: NBAC190
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 10.8 or 11.4V
Capacity: 3400mAh(36.7 or 34.5Wh)
Color: Black
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!


1. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.
2. Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

Price: £41.89

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This replacement ACER Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:


This replacement ACER Laptop Battery can replace the following models:

Aspire ES1-111-C5M1, Aspire ES1-731-C6ME, Aspire ES1-131-C7T1, Aspire ES1-131-C53G, Aspire ES1-731-C8VZ, Aspire ES1-520-51MU, Aspire ES1-131-P7WN, Aspire ES1-531-C1ZS, Aspire ES1-731-P1S4, Aspire ES1-520-593A, Aspire ES 15 ES1-571-358U, Aspire ES1-531-C3CC, Aspire ES1-731-P1YA, Aspire ES1-331-C0YK, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-3803), Aspire ES1-531-C787, Aspire ES1-731-P3NH, Aspire ES1-331-C4UU, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-58V4), Aspire ES1-531-P1K6, Aspire ES1-731-P8H6, Aspire ES1-331-C6S6, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-P1U0), Aspire ES1-331-C1PP, Aspire ES1-731G-P10G, Aspire ES1-331-C8H3, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-P4KB), Aspire ES1-731G-P1MC, Aspire ES1-331-C9LG, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-P8XJ), Aspire ES1-131-C2GU, Aspire ES1-731G-P30C, Aspire ES1-331-P3A5, Aspire ES1-131-C8YK, Aspire ES1-731G-P93D, Aspire ES1-331-P4HL, Aspire ES1-731-C2S6, Aspire ES1-520-32G9, Aspire ES1-131-C464, Aspire ES1-111-C827, Aspire ES1-731-C7FL, Aspire ES1-520-507Z, Aspire ES1-131-P09D, Aspire ES1-731-C91J, Aspire ES1-520-52N2, Aspire ES1-131-P8UC, Aspire ES1-531-C030, Aspire ES1-731-P1SA, Aspire ES1-520-59A0, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-371W), Aspire ES1-531-C3HE, Aspire ES1-731-P2Z6, Aspire ES1-331-C4EY, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-393M), Aspire ES1-531-C8WJ, Aspire ES1-731-P4A6, Aspire ES1-331-C4Z1, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-C8A7), Aspire ES1-531-P1N8, Aspire ES1-731-P9RR, Aspire ES1-331-C7SU, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-P3CR), Aspire ES1-331-C40S, Aspire ES1-731G-P1EN, Aspire ES1-331-C8XF, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-P5EV), Aspire ES1-731G-P27Y, Aspire ES1-331-P05L, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-P9BH), Aspire ES1-131-C3AR, Extensa 2519, Aspire ES1-731G-P5UR, Aspire ES1-331-P3ZE, Aspire ES1-131-C9GQ, Aspire ES1-731-C169, Aspire ES1-131-C0FK, Aspire ES1-111-C138, Aspire ES1-731-C5TV, Aspire ES1-520-34A0, Aspire ES1-131-C564, Aspire ES1-131-P3ZB, Aspire ES1-731-C849, Aspire ES1-520-513R, Aspire ES1-131-P66Z, Aspire ES1-531-C7KL, Aspire ES1-731-C930, Aspire ES1-520-54E9, Aspire ES 15 ES1-571, Aspire ES1-531-C1EQ, Aspire ES1-731-P1TL, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-37DA), Aspire ES1-531-C6GG, Aspire ES1-731-P3J9, Aspire ES1-331-C4KJ, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-56TE), Aspire ES1-531-C9H1, Aspire ES1-731-P892, Aspire ES1-331-C5KL, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-C948), Aspire ES1-531-P416, Aspire ES1-731G, Aspire ES1-331-C82S, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-P3L7), Aspire ES1-331-C498, Aspire ES1-731G-P1LM, Aspire ES1-331-C985, Aspire ES 15(ES1-571-P75K), Aspire ES1-731G-P29J, Aspire ES1-331-P345, Aspire ES1-131-C6Y2, Aspire ES1-731G-P7JP, Aspire ES1-331-P4C1, Aspire ES1-111M-C2T5, Aspire ES1-731-C2G9, Aspire ES1-520-31T0, Aspire ES1-131-C2X3, Aspire ES1-520-36SP, Aspire ES1-521, Aspire ES1-731, Aspire ES1-520, Aspire ES1-331, Aspire ES1-131, Aspire ES1-522, TravelMate B116-MP, Aspire ES1-531, TravelMate B116-M, ASPIRE ES1-111M, Aspire ES1-111, Gateway NE513, Aspire ES1-512

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