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9600LM 60W LED headlight Kit H4 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

ISO9001/9002 certifications
Model: P7_H4
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!

Price: £53.91

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Product Description:

ut: DC9V-30V vehicles
Current: 3.0A(MAX)
Cooling Belt Material: Copper
Socket: H4
Power: 60W/Set(30W/each bulb)
Lumens: 9600LM/Set(4800LM/each bulb)
Beam Angel: 360
Lifespan: > 50,000 Hours
Waterproof Level: IP68
Material: Purple copper

LED/P7 Chip Brand is an automobile front big lamp. It is made use of a built-in vacuum heat conduction tube and made use of the cooling purple copper. The biggest difference with the old LED chip brand, now the Philips LED/P7 Chip Brand with the cooling purple copper which have a long working life, and the cooling function is by far the best one.

Light: Philips light. Made use of importing Philips light source with higher brightness and no dark spots. It can be light on at second, with stability light source, clear luminosity, good intensity of penetration, strong condensation, and with higher light harvesting. The regular customer always believes that the light of Philips LED/P7 Chip Brand with 20w is more brighter than the other brand with 40w lights. The design of P7 is sufficiently reflected in energy saving, and the power of the 20w can be sufficiently reflected the higher brightness like the 40w.
The belt of purple copper: with long working life, and good cooling function. P7 is made use of the cooling purple copper instead of the previous cooling fan light. The cooling purple copper conducts heat faster 3 times than the general headlight. the fan cooling LED with the long period use might need to change. When the fan is broken, it can be influence cooling direction, and finally would cut their life expectancy The purple copper belt is difference, it can use within a decade. this efficacy can be the same as before.
Light perception: strong condensation, warm light, and prevent looking stunning.
The Matrial of outer case: aerial aluminum/purple copper.
The color of the outer case:Black
Independant Drive:with integrated drive-serve, bidirectional protection, anti-interference, stable voltage and current, and anti-electromagnetic.Input constant power can ensure the working of the light bulb. And sufficiently improve the service life of the LED bulb.It has the function of the earthquake resistant, waterproof and dust proof.

Comparison between LED brand belt and the ordinary one.
1.P7 made use of the Philips light with super high lumen, it is brighter than ordinary one, and with strong condensation.
2.The integrated P7 is good to reduced the loosed contact.
3. The detachable basement is easy to install.
4. The metal High voltage package can lead the heat to the outside.
5. Getting startup time quicker, light up in a second.

1.Philips light, have good intensity of penetration, strong condensation, stable source and good usage.
2.Red copper conduct heat which can completely lead all the heat to the purple copper belt.
3.Purple copper--the belt cool the conductor, good thermal conductivtity. Prolong the serveice life, can be free to torsion and stretch, and easy to install.
4.Heat-resistant, flameretardant, sufficiently protect the light
Innee structure, proof the general working of the voltage. Avoiding from the short circuit and the interference.
5.integrated and the independant drive, willing not to break the wire dead, safe enough.

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